Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A desert landscape forever marred…

This screen capture is from the drycyclist's fall 2012 visit to the Mojave National Preserve.

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 24 14.08

Yes, that atrocity at the foreground is the Ivanpah SEGS near state line.

A picture does tell a story. In this case, fear and greed and lasting regrets.

I recommend that you read the whole travelogue as I did, in one sitting.

This blogger cannot wait for the next one.


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Joshua Tree National Park- ground zero for graffiti attack! Time to strike back at the spray paint can wielding jerks!

Warning! This post will definitely offend those of a sensitive or delicate nature. If this describes you or if you believe talking to is the only appropriate punishment for antisocial behavior, do not read this post!

Consider yourself having been warned!

Isn’t there one thing or place out there anymore that is sacred? Not one place left that you can go to get away from the city and “commune with nature?”

Evidently not.

According to news reports here, here, and here, and becoming more and more outrageous everyday, a trend is developing way out in the desert and it ain’t pretty to those of us who may not have a cutting edge, artistic sense or who have the traditional appreciation of nature and its’ beauty.

According to news reports and other sources, it appears that the youth and social media are behind this latest affliction affecting our national park system. The graffiti bandits strike and then post photos on social media, and that motivates other misguided youth into trying to top it- another insane stupid cycle of destruction begins.

I don’t have time for deep analysis today and I am not in the mood anyway. I am more in an Old Testament mood today.

Here is what should be done to these miscreants, in my opinion.

If caught in the act, and out of view of others in a remote location perhaps, they should be held down and the spray paint should be liberally applied to their whole bodies until the can is empty. Of course, no paint at the eyes, nose or mouth. The goal is not to kill or maim, the goal is to teach them a lesson that they will never, ever forget. Walking out of the park covered in paint will make it abundantly clear to all seeing them what happened. Kind of a modern day tarring and feathering, or being ridden out of town on a rail.

Since the law seems helpless to stop this type of viral behavior, the people just might have to do it. To paraphrase now dead Senator Barry Goldwater, vigilantism in defense of our wild places is no vice.

If this seems a little extreme, then subdue them and bring them out and turn them over to the rangers. After placing them under citizen’s arrest first obviously.

You folks realize of course that none of the above will ever happen. The park is too big, the sites are too remote, and no one wants to get involved. If I lived in the area still and not over a hundred miles away, I would be there, for sure. So perhaps I can offer another suggestion to any reading this in the area who might be wondering about how to handle this- this is also aimed to law enforcement as well. Listen up, this might work.

These people doing this are looking for notoriety, that is obvious and they also want to be the first.

Use that need against them.

Park rangers and law enforcement should know which sites are still unspoiled. They should reach out to the local community and interested groups and individuals to set up some sort of watch over the remaining unspoiled sites. Stake the most sensitive and valuable sites out and catch the perps in the act. Then do a widely publicized perp walk and trial.

Oh and make sure, it is covered on the social media. After all, who are we to deprive these selfish bastards the notoriety that they so deeply need to prop up their delicate self esteem?

Sorry to disappoint those among you who were hoping to see the return of a kindler, and gentler Morongobill.

The Morongobill that has awakened and returned is in an even more surlish mood than the one that departed these pages months ago. The incident with Google bots has hardened me immeasurably. No more Mister Nice Guy!

If you really want to know what I feel about these young punks spray painting over our precious heritage, here it is. I would love to be the one wielding a brine soaked rattan cane on their sorry asses, as they do in Malaysia and Singapore for vandalism and other crimes.

This is coming from a fed up liberal by the way, to those of you new to these pages. Below are the punishment implements that my fingers on my right hand are just aching to use on these spoiled brats defacing our national parks.

MorongobillSteaming mad