Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big change around here

I have given up on my attempt to break into the rare earth investing blogosphere.

The two Google blogs have been deleted, and the site that I paid for has been deleted.

Reason for the deletion: I have been spending most of my time writing on various investment forums where
I can post for free and get immediate feedback from the readers.

So my writing will be done there or if it is about the desert, here.

I had some success as far as numbers of visitors on some days- but that did not translate into any sort of financial success.

As far as that goes, the only good news on that front is that my EORBF stock appears to finally be making a comeback,
I bought in at $1.73 and it immediately plunged over a few weeks to touch .58 cents, and the last couple of days made it back up to $1.02, with my firm hope that it will keep running upward!

Still driving the bus, shuttling tourists back and forth from their hotels to Disneyland, it isn’t much but it does help keep the financial wolves at bay.

Haven’t been to the desert and hiked for a while; here it is May, last year I was doing my “bighorn whispering” routine at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve- go figure. What a difference a year makes!

Hope to begin writing more here now without any distractions.

More on the above sentence. Look I am not going to dwell upon the tragedy befalling our Mojave, been there, done that- along with other bloggers- it is what it is, it ain’t gonna change as there is way too much big money involved now, all I can do is point out the obvious when it occurs and do my own thing.

I am not making any promises that I can’t keep.


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