Saturday, July 13, 2013

Current pipeline map, Big Morongo Canyon Preserve area

From the Cartography unit at the California Energy Commission.

ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 13 16.21

ScreenHunter_04 Jul. 13 16.22

So you can see that a 6” gas line and 16” are running through the preserve
and Questar would like to add another 16” line for petroleum. The bureaucrats
would look at this map and say no problem adding it.

It is just a map on the wall to them. When Questar finishes their survey and decides to run the pipeline this way, the bureaucrats will approve it, just like they approved Ivanpah and Blythe solar farms.

If something doesn’t change, this pipeline will be built right down the middle of BMCP. Questar is not going to want to go to the expense of routing this pipeline east of Joshua Tree when they already have the right of way here.

It will be up to us to persuade them to not route it through this priceless ecological treasure.


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