Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Late start but now heading up to BMCP

Via Casino Morongo where I will drop off my girlfriend and her father, while I go on and spend some time at the preserve.

Not enough time nor am I in the shape I was a year ago so will not hike down to Senor Cottonwood but only to the mile 1.5 marker, which is about where they stopped the regrading of the old pipeline road last year. I am going to try to follow the pipeline up as far as I can, possibly offtrail, and do photos and video of the area and to try to figure out which way the route would go and the damage that would be incurred if it is built.

I have also joined a petroleum engineers online forum and have questions up regarding details of how this would be built and the additional infrastructure needs that would be required.

I need help here, if anyone has a friend who is in any way involved in gas or oil pipelines, I would like to pick their brains, Please email me any thoughts or comment here with the info.

We are getting started with the fight to either stop or shape this right now at the beginning, no sitting on our asses while they line all their ducks up in a row! I am making a plea for help to anybody who would like to help preserve the worldclass Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and other desert locations.

Let’s not allow our Morongo Basin to be “keystoned!”