Saturday, July 27, 2013

This video from the most highly regarded pipeline laying company in the industry foretells the future of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

Let the record show that the backporch recognizes the Michels Corporation as being the Big Dog of the pipeline business. I do not doubt their technological prowess or abilities or their commitment to the environment.

But having said all that, the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is too valuable and too delicate to withstand the clear cutting that is shown throughout this video.

This new oil pipeline must not be allowed to go through the BMCP, it must be re-routed and the best way to make that happen is to start talking about it now.

Just imagine that this work is being done across the marsh.

Let me give an update on my efforts to publicize this issue.

A message left at the rec.birds Google forum where folks have written about the birding at the BMCP
has received 4 page views and no response. My message left at a prominent desert protection website finally received a one sentence reply that mail was slow and that they were aware of the situation. To date, I have received no comments and hardly any page views- now let me clue you guys in on something- I know how to write and get good results with search terms. So I know that my site generally shows up in the first few pages on Google, if not the first page, when I write about a topic. I have finally come to the conclusion that people just don’t care about this nature preserve.

All I can say to that is we will see how much crying you will be doing in the future when they ram this 16” oil pipe slap down the middle of Big Morongo Canyon. Like I said in a previous post, when you chain yourself to one of those big cottonwoods to try to stop the caterpillars, it is all over but the crying.
0528bmcp 015

The old cottonwood tree in the above image has guarded the dogleg canyon down the hill from the BMCP for centuries, but its’ time may be about up as the oil pipeline may be routed right through it. Click on the image to see it full sized.


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