Thursday, August 15, 2013

The boy who cried wolf

Guess that’s me.

Questar may run a 16” pipeline through the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and judging by visitors coming to this site, nobody gives a damn. Do a google search for this preserve+ oil pipeline and my site comes up at the top along with the post I put up at the Google birding group, which has drawn no response.

Wonder how the birders are going to like it when their marsh viewing areas are disrupted by the clear cutting and heavy machinery laying around everywhere?
080410bigmorongohike 022

Wonder how hikers are going to like it when they bring down some of the hundreds of year old cottonwoods to get heavy equipment through?
0528bmcp 015

I am just one person. This jewel of the desert needs help and it just seems like nobody cares. Not one other blogger has jumped on this, except Shaun over at the Mojave Desert Blog, which is how I heard about the Questar pipeline scheme.
If Shaun hadn’t written about, judging by what’s happened here, we wouldn’t know anything until the bulldozers showed up!

The fact is an oil pipeline once ran through the preserve and it got converted to natural gas use at Questar’s request. Imo, that does not give them the right to run a larger pipeline in just because one was there before. I can’t help but wonder though that perhaps the enviros might not want to take a stand here, just because pipelines do run through the preserve. In fact, I made a video about this about a year ago which I am unable to locate. At the time, I never dreamed that they would try to run a pipeline alongside what was already here, so I guess I need to think more out of the box as they say.

Here is the video that I talked about in the above paragraph. Please note that if the oil pipeline goes through the whole narrow point of the canyon there will probably have to be scraped bare to allow the pipe laying heavy equipment in to do their work and a wide dirt access road will replace the path.