Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The bighorn whisperer is back!

Yesterday I drove back up to Big Morongo Canyon Preserve in Morongo Valley for a day hike, which ended up with my going all the way down to Indian Avenue via the Canyon Trail and then hitch hiking back up to my car. All told, I walked 8.1 miles per my smartphone gps app and rode about 3 miles with a nice guy, Armando, who stopped and asked if I could use a ride up the mountain grade. I had already given up on sticking my thumb out at that point. Good thing he stopped, because my Powerade and both of my feet were about done!

The purpose of this post is to show a couple of photos that I took of the bighorn who gave away their presence by kicking a rock down in my direction from up the canyon wall. This was about the 3.75 mile point down the canyon and I had long ago given up the quest in the desert sun and heat.

Another purpose of my trip was to document the flood damage to the preserve and the dirt road going through the ACEC, but that will be in the next post.

091013bmcp 015

091013bmcp 012

091013bmcp 016

Here is the video that I took when I found them, or they told me that they were there.

If one of them hadn’t kicked a rock loose, I never would have spotted them.

So the bighorn whisperer is finally back after a long absence with help from the bighorns, who obviously want the publicity!

Bonus video.

Saying goodbye to the bighorn herd.



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