Sunday, October 6, 2013


Is something that I have a tendency to resist but eventually surrender to.

This morning I deleted my Orbite Aluminum blog which was devoted to my foray into investing and which did not do well at all, down over 75% as I write this. I am just sick of the whole mess, including the stock forums. I’m out of there.

I did set up a shell blog, for now, entitled Inside Penny Stocks, which will look into some of the scams and outrageous practices that do occur daily in that world- there literally are thousands, millions of references to the subject online, a lifetime of research material to look over. In just minutes last night, I found several examples that I could write about, if I choose to do so.

One change that I have noticed is that I am definitely not interested in trying again to learn guitar playing. The other day I picked up my guitar and played a D chord, about the easiest one, and learned right away that my fingers are just not as nimble now, never were really, and that playing the guitar is just not what I want to do with my time, getting back to nature is on my mind for my “golden years” not banging away at the guitar, so it will be sold. Perhaps I will end up trying to learn how to play one of those flutes that the Native Americans used, I love the sound of it and it would require less of my hands.

Speaking of things changing, I sure hope that fall drops in soon. Almost 90 degrees F again today while I drive the shuttle bus, sure hope the AC works! I can’t wait for cool weather out in the desert, I intend to get a long car ride in soon, hopefully to the Mojave National Preserve! Maybe even do some car camping.

Before I forget, I had a very close call the other day down in Big Morongo Canyon. I went back to the preserve to see if the gas company had regraded the access road down by the Hangman Tree, the short answer is no but I did see where their truck did go “off roading” to check on their pipeline north of where their road ends. I expect the road to be done within a few weeks and sure hope that they don’t forget to try to do something to help re-route future flooding away from that gnarly old tree. I did see just about 20 or 30
yards north up the dirt road, a major flood channel that is already there and that could be utilized, just don’t put a dirt berm along the road there when it is bladed.

Here are a few shots that I took there in the vicinity of the Hangman Tree showing the gullying and the channels.
100213bmcp 017
The view walking down to the tree.
100213bmcp 008
The view from below the Hangman Tree, the tree is in the upper right corner and you can see the route that the water takes as it runs downhill to meet up with the main channel.
100213bmcp 009
If the edge of the road above is bermed and the other channel not bermed up the road, perhaps future flood waters might not be as bad through this section. It is worth a try don’t you think?
100213bmcp 013
Anything would be a help, I hope to keep seeing sights like the next one for the rest of my life.
100213bmcp 016

Almost forgot about that close call. While backing back up after just leaving the old tree, I walked along the edge of the ravine cut into the road by the recent flooding and it collapsed. Miraculously I was not not hurt, as there is no cell phone service and I was over 2 miles downhill from my car and help. Below is a photo, not exactly where I was but in close proximity, look at the drop along the edge.
100213bmcp 025