Thursday, January 16, 2014

Three new suns over the Ivanpah Valley.

No rant here, nothing but pictures and video. I am all written out about this tragedy which
has befallen the Ivanpah Valley, at the hands of a supposedly Green president and administration.
Just site search this blog, it seems the worst predictions have pretty much come to pass with this
solar “farm’s” building.

Note that I am using fullsized photos here for better viewing.

0113_142014mnp_trip 006

The above is the view from the Carl’s Junior at the Primm Factory Outlet Mall, about 2 or 3 miles from Solar Two.
All the following photographs are of the BrightSource/Bechtel Ivanpah SEGS near stateline, Primm, Nevada.
Below is Solar One.
0113_142014mnp_trip 008

The photograph below taken near the Nipton Road northbound onramp clearly shows how the solar plant totally
dominates the landscape.
0113_142014mnp_trip 032

From here I moved to a position about half a mile from Solar One off Yates Well Road but first a zoomed in
photograph from Nipton Road.
0113_142014mnp_trip 034
Another shot from Nipton looking at one of the new “suns” over the Ivanpah Valley. The human eye is drawn to this
as avian eyes probably are, in my opinion.
0113_142014mnp_trip 036

The rest are from the location near Yates Well Road mentioned earlier.
0113_142014mnp_trip 042

0113_142014mnp_trip 044

0113_142014mnp_trip 047

0113_142014mnp_trip 052

Contact me if you need full resolution images and I will email or burn a cd for you and send it
out straight away.

Yes, the Ivanpah Valley now has three new suns and I can’t say that it is the better for them.