Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My visit to the local MetroPCS company store in Stanton, California

Actually my second, the first was about a year ago when I signed up for new prepaid service. For the longest time, I had an account with AT&T, normal billed service with a contract. Then I discovered pre-paid cellular and was a Virgin Mobile customer for around 3 years. Now I have been a smartphone customer(LG Motion 4G) with MetroPCS and it is time to step up to a better phone with a larger screen. Right now, Metro is running a special with the LG Optimus F6 which is more a mid-range phone going out the door for $79 after a 20 buck rebate to be mailed out and after reading the reviews, I decided to go to the local store and pick one up. Right away, let me tell you that I am 59 years old and hip hop is not my idea of easy listening or "muzak." But that is what I had to listen to for the 20 minutes or so that I had to wait for my name to be called for service. Bottom line, the phone is not in stock and they couldn't tell me when it would be, and they told me to try independent resellers, their local dealers. So I went to one near my "office" in Anaheim and they don't have the phone either. Bummer! So now after thinking it over for an hour or so, I have decided to check other pre-paid services and see what they have to offer. I have been perfectly happy with MetroPCS but it is possible that all that hip hop music has affected my brain perhaps. For sure, it has caused me to come out of their spell. Morongobill P.S. I am writing this on my new laptop and have not installed Windows Live Writer which is my preferred blogging software. So blame Google Blogger for the lack of formatting in this post. Believe me it looked good in their software.