Saturday, March 15, 2014

Senator Feinstein stands up for the separation of powers, the Left sulks.

No wonder the right keeps winning. At least they have sense enough to protect their own.

Watch this whole video of Senator Feinstein laying out the CIA’s latest overstepping of its’ authority
and then go visit any of the many left leaning political sites and read what the average leftist thinks about the whole thing.

Sorry Senator to tell you this. Don’t look for help from the Left as they are too busy jostling for a place in the line forming to stab you in the back!

You know what- don’t bother going to the leftist blogs and sites such as Common Dreams. I’ll tell you all you need to know. They are basically calling the senator a hypocrite, that she doesn’t mind if regular citizens get spied on but don’t dare spy on the bigwigs! In other words, they are parroting what someone like Rush Limbaugh might and probably is saying. Getting hung up on that instead of seeing the big picture
which is that these alphabet agencies are getting more and more money from the taxpayers, and doing less and less for it except for on one front: they are going all out in the effort to spy on all of us and on world leaders and on the outfit charged with providing oversight as per our constitutional framework, the U.S.

I believe that we are at a critical moment in our history as a free people. I also believe that it may be too late
to do much about it, but the effort must be made to preserve our remaining freedoms that haven’t been taken from us. We are fortunate to have a brave Senator Feinstein who is willing to stand up and say enough is enough, and who recognizes the danger to the constitution that this CIA action represents.

I applaud and support her and sincerely hope that my colleagues on the Left get over their pique and start
helping out in the fight to rein in these out of control agencies in Washington and elsewhere.