Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just don't take it out on the desert tortoise!

Have you been following the "siege" that was underway in Nevada recently? The one pitting the feds against a local rancher and his defenders, live on your local news channel? I have and I am appalled on one hand and pleased on the other.

First let me say that thankfully no serious blood has been shed, yet. But the potential is still there for it. I am not so naive as to believe that this administration has surrendered so early in the process, I believe that this is just a tactical withdrawal only from the battlefield. It is an amazing sight to see our federal government agents trying to crush dissent so brazenly and truly inspiring to see the people from the area and elsewhere come together to put a stop to the government's actions.

Remember that in our history, the people are the ultimate authority from which the law comes. And the people have spoken loudly with their presence and actions way out there in the Nevada desert. But the struggle is only in the beginning phase, with severe tests ahead of the people's resolve to come. I agree with those who say that the spark of resistance to governmental coercion and corruption can come at any time, this may be it. For sure, if the Obama bullies try to follow the Clinton playbook, i.e. Waco or Ruby Ridge, that just might do it.

People of all political stripes are just sick and tired of the "DC babysitters" trying to control their lives and they are fed up with politicians more concerned with servicing billionaire individual and corporate needs, instead of the people's needs. This Bundy Ranch saga perfectly illustrates the difference between those needs. Follow the money, how can you miss it.

And don't blame the tortoises either. Isn't it amazing that on the one hand the feds say that Bundy's cattle are damaging tortoise habitat, hence the fines at the root of this whole imbroglio, and the fact that the government bureaucrats need his land for remediation purposes for future renewable energy projects championed by none other than  "pack up and move tortoises" Senator Harry Reid, senior senator from Nevada and the main man in the United States Senate!

One thing that the Ivanpah solar fight taught me was that the government doesn't give a damn about the desert tortoise,especially Reid and the BLM, so I don't buy their bulls_t story. To them, the desert is prime land to pave over with solar and wind projects and the endangered plants and animals are just sh_t on their boots to be scraped off. And now we finally know that any people in their way are the same in their eyes.

Good I say, finally we know what Reid et al really think and feel about us.