Monday, April 21, 2014

The American people will never believe that cowboys are “domestic terrorists” regardless of what Harry Reid thinks.

I liked Reid a whole lot more when he wasn’t so blatant with his agenda.

His agenda, a big part of it, is to pave over the wild lands with wind, solar, biomass and new transmission line projects. Of course, he is working hand in hand with the Obama and an army of lobbyists to achieve
this goal.

On a personal note, I wrote about this for over a year, until I just got sick and tired of seeing the same old, same old happening no matter how many people spoke out against the land grab- because a) the average person didn’t care and b) the old lions like Reid had control of the levers of power, and had written the laws and regulations in such a way as to ramrod things through no matter the opposition.

Well now things are a little different and the pace of approvals has slowed down as the arguments made in opposition to these desert boondoggles has finally started gaining some traction, and now this latest example of bureaucratic arrogance and over reach has been on public display for all to see; at long last the glove was taken off of the federal fist for the average Joe to see, and what they saw, they didn’t like and Mr.
Harry Reid didn’t like that one bit.

Hence his going nuclear and calling the Bundy supporters “domestic terrorists’ and that he would convene some sort of task force to get rid of the Bundy problem.

Note to the senator: Americans are never gonna buy your argument that cowboys are terrorists. Period. They will buy that your Taser totin’ BLM goons and snipers are. Period.

Convene your task force, go ahead, make our day.

In the meantime, we will work on bringing your own sordid way of doing things to the attention of the American public and in particular, the little people of the state of Nevada who you supposedly represent, who you supposedly work for.

You see folks, in the old days corruption was easier to understand than nowadays version. In the old days envelopes stuffed with hundred dollar bills were exchanged in the cloakroom or in bars, now it is 24 hours a day fundraising or voting lockstep with lobbyist needs and then retiring to a cushy job with them, in addition to the congressional pension.

This ain’t the same old Harry Reid that came out of Searchlight all those decades ago, this is the blowdried new wanna be lobbyist in chief that we are dealing with now. I say f--- him, this modern day Harry Reid, f---
him and his son, and his whole posse of lobbyists, including his former aide that he planted in the head office at the BLM, f--- them all.

Vote him out and send him and his son packing. They have screwed Nevada and the environment long enough!

Harry Reid is the grass and Cliven Bundy(shown below) is the people’s lawnmower, start it up.

Or better yet, let those federal sons of bitches sit their sorry well fed asses out in one of those BLM 4th Amendment zones out in that desert they have sold out for so long.