Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cliven Bundy’s full video that has offended so many

I have written about this here and as comments to an article over at the Black Agenda Report.

There really isn’t too much left to say, my opinion is out there that in one 3 minute video he singlehandedly
managed to divide his followers and scare off a lot of “sunshine” friends to his cause. In other words, he
played right into the hands of mortal enemies such as Senator Harry Reid, and literally gave them the rope to hang him with.

I really fear that a federal response involving a secretly impaneled Grand Jury issuing indictments and a small army to serve them will happen within a couple of weeks, and likely resulting in much shedding of blood, and strongly advise Mr. Bundy to seek legal help now before it is too late.

Live to fight another day in other words. And may I suggest that treatment be sought for the severe case
of “boot in mouth” disease.

Here is the video and go over to the BAR link above for a contrary view and my comments on that view.

Watch the whole video and listen carefully. He does not utter the “n” word as was alleged by some.