Monday, June 9, 2014

End of the damn line

My last post regarding Russian President Putin’s comments on success being measured
by not firing your missiles has had a handful of reads. Remember now that we are in a very
dangerous time with the war tocsin being sounded at the highest levels in the governments of our
country and in Europe- as an example 2 B-2 BOMBERS just being sent to Europe and a U.S. Navy ship with nuclear first strike potential sailing into the Black Sea, plus fighter jets to NATO allies such as Poland etc.

On the other hand, my post with Prince playing the second lead of “While my guitar gently weeps” is going out the door like gangbusters- people can’t get enough of Prince. He’s a hell of a musician.

I ask you which do you think is more important in the grand scheme of things, averting a possible
World War III or Prince bending a few notes?

Better charge up your iPod while the power’s still on.

Keep listening to the jams while our so called “elites” lead us right into a hot shooting war with
Russia and China.

This blog is being retired right now. I have had it- keep watching the main stream presstitutes while the country gets flushed right down the f—king drain.

Don’t worry, I will keep the Prince link up.

MorongobillAngry smile