Wednesday, June 4, 2014

“Measure your success by non-fired missiles!”

Here is a video where Russian then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was at a Swedish Press Conference
and was asked about the NATO attacks on Libya and Khadafi.

Pretty good advice given here.

Contrary to all the hot air coming out of the Imperial Capitol in D.C., I think honest people
who think for themselves can agree that this is no “Hitler in the making” but a thoughtful
leader trying to think about doing what is right.

Folks,this is a preview of my new blog direction starting now. I have been filled with unease for a long time
about decisions made and the groupthink that led to the decisions emanating out of Washington.
I am alarmed; do those people like Obama and Company really believe all that Neocon bullshit
about America and Americans being the “Chosen Ones,” the “Exceptional Ones” and that we shall
determine who lives and who dies, on this planet?

They have truly gone insane in Washington and We the  People need to wake up to the new power reality

We the People need to wake up and learn how the rest of the world views our government and its’ Jackboot
policies. Hint- they think we have all gone nuts and are drunk with power and yes, that absolute power
is absolutely corrupting us.

I plan on having lots to say on this and other related topics at this blog. The emphasis will change from desert issues to the new reality of life under the “Pax Americana” and how it is affecting this little blue orb
that is home to so many billions of humans and other species; the only home that we have and that needs
no further “fouling of the nest!”

A housekeeping note- there is no way for me to delete the followers so I will just keep that part of the site hidden. You will have to unfollow this site, through your Google Blogger settings. I am confident that you did
not sign up here thinking that one day you might attract the interest of one or two of the “Alphabet security
agencies” of the U.S. government! So this is your chance to bail out now. Same for the other sites that list
this blog and drive traffic to this site, drop me now and bail! No hard feelings and thank you all so much for the listing of my site at yours.

This is both a Democrat and Republican party issue as this has been building up since the Clinton administration at least, there is plenty of blame to dump on both parties. Although I am liberal in my politics,
I don’t turn a blind eye to so called liberals such as Obama, marching us straight away off to totalitarianism.

It is about time that I finally got my ass up off the couch and away from the television to start telling how
I feel about this trend to the American Gulag, whether anyone else believes the way I do or not.

There will still be desert trip reports when I get out that way but they will be rare, this place will be going off in a different direction, most likely with a new audience.

I have enjoyed having folks visit here and hope to see you again.

Here is a site that I would like to share with you as a parting gift. This blog is devoted to the situation in the Ukraine’s Russian language regions, which are now being attacked by the Kiev government. Check it out for an alternative to the propaganda coming out of the mainstream media which is being spoon fed from