Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A little trickle of contrarian views, strong views

Sorry about the lack of paragraphs, tried out Blogger's engine and it is terrible, next post I will use Windows Live Writer and it will look much more professional. Sorry for not redoing it now, my excuse is that I am on vacation and I'm sticking to it. Since the main stream media here can't go against their bosses, I might as well add my voice to the little trickle of alternative views available to those who doubt that this country is on the right course. Now if you believe that America should be minding the whole world's business and kicking ass and taking names as she goes, this blog is not the place for you. I know that there are a lot of folks out there who support my country right or wrong and nothing is going to change your mind, so I won't try. You are a lost cause, the coolaid has worked with you, the brainwashing has taken full effect. Don't let the backporch door hit you in the ass on your way out. But if you can think on your own and have started to see that the media supplied narratives don't seem to match what your eyes are seeing then stick around. Do you have your ringside seats yet for the coming hot war with Russia, the possible World War III? Not yet? That's alright, you'll be able to see enough of the action from wherever you are. Haven't heard about it or didn't know that anything was going on? You aren't the only one, considering how the media has been so busily distracting you with the latest Miley Cyrus butt cheek showing shorts photos! The media bosses and the government don't want you aware of the possible disaster ahead, they want you to be distracted and uninformed, hence the nonstop Miley and Kardashian show that passes for news these days, I'm telling you Walter Cronkite has got to be spinning like a top in his grave right now, from the state of his beloved news business now. For example, how many of you readers ever heard that the official policy of the U.S. government now is that a nuclear first strike is on the table? How many of you thought that MADD was still what the government believed in? That the U.S, Russia and China had enough nuclear warheads to destroy all life on earth and each other, so the nuclear weapons use was off the table? I just found out recently that MADD was no longer the policy, that first strike was, and judging by what I have been seeing happening worldwide as my country drone bombs once place after another, and sticks its' big nose into one country's business after another, goes from one foreign policy debacle after another- our government is a serial offender, a recidivist, nothing is going to work, it is too set in its' ways- somebody or something needs to grab Uncle Sam and slap him upside the head to get his attention, before the situation say in the Ukraine for example gets totally out of control and we end up in the fight of our lives with an enraged Russian bear! Has anybody else noticed that we are still in a recession or depression? Has anybody else noticed that Amerika really sucks at the empire business? Has anybody else noticed that we just can't seem to be able to build things anymore, except weapons? Oh, and don't forget that we buy a lot of parts for those vaunted weapons systems overseas; when the gun is turned toward the country that made the part do you think that it will work? Or will it have a trapdoor built in and some malicious code that will cause it to fail? How's that new Chevy doing? Got your recall notice yet? Relax, you will, after all everyone that they have made since the bailout is affected. Who'd a thunk that? This country has one foot on a banana peel and one in the boneyard, and our elites are pushing hard to complete the fall by getting us involved in a hot shooting war with Russia/China with the mainstream media complicit, pushing out the propaganda bull as fast as they can shit out it out. Where's that evidence, that smoking gun proof they supposedly had implicating Russia in the airliner shot down over eastern Ukraine? Don't hold your breath waiting for them to produce it. Hell, the Malaysian government is now insinuating that the Ukraine government shot the plane down with air to air missiles and cannon fire from the two jets they had flying nearby. While I am thinking about it, has any other liberal thought about just what a world of hurt that we would be in if that blowdried rich bastard Kerry had been elected president? To think, I actually bought the sales pitch and voted for him! Let me close for now by telling you the lesson that I have learned. Hilary damn sure won't be getting a vote from this old guy! The Clinton coolaide effect has definitely wore off here in Kalifornia! As for our Nobel Peace Prize winning president, he'll be the subject of a future post and I guarantee it will not be a fawning one.