Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Validation of enviro’s claims about Ivanpah from the conservative side

Although I happen to be of the liberal persuasion, I will take good news from any source which in this case is from

Solar Plant Wants to Pay Off Massive Government Loan with Massive Government Grant

After reading the article, here is what stands out to me.

NRG and Google are now counting on the taxpayers to bail them out from a losing investment to the tune of around
a half billion dollars; in effect, that will mean the federal government paid virtually the whole cost of the project boondoggle.
Longtime readers will recall that this blogger and many others said at the time that the only green thing about it was the color of the taxpayers money and that greed not green was driving this. Proof positive of that being offered up today with the revelation from the article that the big boys at NRG and Google now have their greedy hands out to the feds for help in getting their money back.

How about the news that the project is putting out about a quarter of the electricity promised by the promoters? Oh and the
blame now being placed on the weather for the problems. Sounds like they are parroting the line being used in the media by
businesses and government agencies for lower economic results. Instead of blaming it on the polar vortex, blame it on the lack of desert sunshine.

The irony of needing to use more natural gas was priceless. Of course, this blog pointed out that all they had to do was build another gas powered power plant, say right next door to the one already there, getting the same amount of power coming from a smaller footprint, saving the area from further industrialization, which fell on deaf ears as the deal was already done from the very beginning, no matter what folks said about it.

The game was rigged from the very beginning and my guess is the big boys will be picking the taxpayer’s pockets yet again.