Saturday, March 14, 2015

Couple observations from my visit to the Mojave National Preserve this week

The first day I drove down to the Mojave Cross and took the dirt road behind it to check out the campsites there. More on those in another post to come. What I was really doing was seeing how the new(to me)
Morongomobile would handle the dirt roading. It was fine. By the way, it is a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport 2wd high clearance suv.

Leaving the area, I headed back down Cima Road toward the freeway and continued on uphill 30 miles past it to the Horsethief Springs area. There I discovered that the government sign has been removed from the gate that leads down to the old ranch house, and it looked to me like all the improvements made had been removed. Just the barebones of the structure left.

That is very interesting. What happened?

The next day, I went to the Vulcan Mine and the Rockhouse, more on that in another post. Today I just want to share a photo taken in the Vulcan Mine pit area, walking down the road that leads to the pit. Unfortunately, there has been some sort of landslide and you can now walk only about halfway down to the lake at the bottom. Here is a still image from a video that I made.

A note to the wise. Do not attempt to walk across that unstable slide area unless your life insurance is paid up. It is a long and rocky bouncing off the walls till you finally reach the water below. Stay safe, stay alive.

Further note. I went down to the Kelso Depot park building and told the two rangers there at the information booth about this- neither knew about it and to be blunt, neither seemed to give a damn about it.

So this will have to be a poor attempt to warn folks from trying to be bighorn sheep and attempt to hoof it past this landslide to access the bottom of the pit.

You have been warned.


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