Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mood Music

My suggestion is that you put on a set of headphones and close your eyes and enjoy.

This is a version of the Stones classic, “Winter,” with Mick Taylor on lead and Carla Olson singing.

Mick Taylor was the Stones guitarist hired to replace Brian Jones, ushering in what I and many others
feel was their greatest period and lasting for around 5 years.

This version was performed in 1989 or 90.

One of the BEST versions of this Stones classic!

Fellow Windows Live Writer users here is a quick fix to issues posting Youtube videos. Are you getting
the dreaded “unknown provider” error when you try to put up a video with WLW? Here is the easy fix.

Go up to the video link and put your pointer to the right of the s in “https.” Just hit backspace one time.

Problem solved, post away with reckless abandon!Winking smile


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