Sunday, July 12, 2015

Every picture tells a story

Don’t it?

Remember April 15th my weight was 230 pounds the day of the “talk” with my doctor.
Now this morning.

2015-07-12 10.31.29

That day after one coffee my blood sugar was 142. Now this morning sans my first taste of coffee.


I don’t remember my blood pressure but I am 100% sure it was higher that day. My pulse is a little higher
than my normal lately, I will show a picture below this one taken about 15 minutes after the exercise bike
riding the other day.


20150712_105409Wish it was this low all the time!

And now one of the keys to my success with the dieting process. Instead of loading up at Del Taco
with a breakfast burrito and an iced coffee at 0200 after my work finishes on my way home, I come
and eat a big tablespoon of this every night before bed washed down with about a third of a glass
of regular milk. No caffeine, just proteins and good fats, and milk sugars which are slow to spike
an insulin response. I don’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night and my acid reflux is a thing
of the past. I highly recommend this approach unless you have the allergy to the product.


Thanks for visiting, here is the inspiration for the title of this post.

It sure does.


P.S. Here is my breakfast this morning to give you an idea for help losing weight. One serving old style
Quaker Oats with no sweetener added, plain taste that grows on you and it fills you up. 150 calories.
2 hard boiled eggs with a dash of salt. 78 calories each. One cherry tomato. 3 calories. 309  total calories
plus about say 40 more for the little bit of honey added to my coffee, under 350 total. Now I will ride my
exercise bike for around 46 minutes or so and burn off around 340 of those. It is like getting a free mail
pass. Do that every day without adding more food to the other meals and you will lose weight, slowly but surely. Guaranteed.

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