Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Update on the health situation

As mentioned here in June(when I had lost about 20 pounds) I was
diagnosed by my doctor, “pre diabetic.” Meaning that if I didn’t change my
ways, the next diagnosis most likely would be full fledged diabetic, graduating
at some point to injectable insulin, ending my career as a professional driver.

Since then I have kept up with the exercise bike and with the diet change. I
have religiously taken the Metformin pills prescribed and as of this morning
weighed 200 2/10(meaning 30 pounds lost since my diagnosis) pounds. Unfortunately, it looks like I will miss my self made goal of reaching 199.xx pounds by tomorrow morning as I went with a friend to the Golden Corral Buffet today.


But I did try to burn some of those calories off when I got home with a 47 minute ride on the exercise bike, burning off 359 of them. But if I am to reach that goal and stay there, I guess I will have to not fall off the wagon as much in
the future.

20150626_085948Weigh in on the morning of 6/27/2015 and may be what I see tomorrow morning after pigging out today!

It has been 3 months since the blood work  was done that led to my diagnosis of being pre diabetic. I listened this time to “the talk” from my doctor, taking his words to heart. There are diabetics on both sides of my family tree and I have seen what this insidious disease can do.

I don’t want it to happen to me. My feet may not be pretty but they get the job done and I desire to keep them attached to my legs. I also realize now that those eye floaters and possible retinal issues with one eye might have been sugar related so a checkup for retina issues is again in order. Good thing that I am in the VA Healthcare system. That type of exam is expensive.

It is amazing how much more energy that I have, not hauling around those 30
pounds that I have lost. For some strange reason, I really feel that I can keep it off, as long as I lay off the sugar, especially that of the high fructose corn variety. Too bad it has been 100 out in the desert lately, I am itching to go visit the Hanging Tree again down the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve- see if he is still hanging around that dogleg in the trail.

This blog has been in hiatus for a long time and hopefully I will keep writing, but it may be a little different as I am starting to think that I might have something to offer to those who have weight and diabetic health issues. Perhaps I can find someway to help folks that are in need.

I will try.