Saturday, August 29, 2015

Desert trip coming soon

As promised I will be taking about 9 days off which has been shortened from the originally
talked about two weeks.

Flash from the newsroom. I doubt that I will be camping out in the wilds of the Mojave National Preserve
or the North Rim. Instead I will be roughing it in one of the stateline hotels like Whiskey Pete’s. Located right adjacent to the preserve boundary, they offer amenities such as a bed and air conditioning, as well as
food establishments. Oh and before I forget, one armed bandits.

So the plan is to spend at least 3 nights there and go on day trips to the preserve and possibly a trip up to the nature preserve north of Las Vegas.

On the agenda, definitely a trip to the Castle Peaks. Access will most likely be from the west via Hart Mine Road as it is closer and probably has more traffic, in case of a breakdown to the Morongomobile. This is a
must see destination for me, one that I have wanted to visit for years.

Also on the list, a trip to Cima Dome.

One thing that I would like to attempt now that I have lost 45 pounds is to hike up that mountain that looms
up behind the prison that is next door to the Goldstrike Hotel in Jean, Nevada. Access is via the north side
and it does not involve any sort of hand climbing.

The trip starts the day after Labor Day. I can’t wait.



Thursday, August 27, 2015

Start your day out right! Get the blood pumping!

Only if you can handle classic Rolling Stones.

Check out Mick Taylor’s badass lead and Keith’s rocking rhythm.

Featuring Mick Taylor on lead guitar!

I don’t care what anybody else says. When Mick Taylor was with them, the Stones were at their peak.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rumors that APD officers have received driver training are greatly exaggerated.

While it is true that officers patrolling the Disneyland resort district area have received “sensitivity training,”
as it wouldn’t be good for business for them to force tourists to get out of their rental cars and sit on the curb during a routine traffic stop, the rumor that they are “driver trained” may just be that judging by this photo I took the other day which shows the aftermath of an officer encounter.

I have edited the photo for size and to cut out pedestrians walking down the sidewalk.


And another photo cropped to the area.


As you can see, the Anaheim Police Department patrol car has run off Harbor Blvd and rammed into the Clancy’s Restaurant sign, lucky for the patrons inside that the sign was there, as surely the car would have hit the side of the building otherwise without the sign absorbing the force of the impact. Ditto for pedestrians that normally are numerous on the sidewalk there.

Now what could have caused this event to occur? What major criminal activity would cause such obvious
speed to apprehend them, were concerns for innocent lives in danger from criminal activity motivating the officer here?

Notice the young man sitting on the sidewalk with his hands cuffed behind his back. What you cannot see from this photo taken while I was driving is the skateboard sitting on sidewalk on the other side of his right leg.

I guess “skateboarding is not a crime” does not apply in the Anaheim Resort District!

I sure hope that the officer ‘washed the egg off his face” before returning to the station.

And 3 cheers for the valiant sign that gave its’ all to protect its’ customers from the out of control Anaheim Police cruiser!



Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who says you have to starve yourself on a diet?

My apologies for the formatting of this post. For some unknown reason it looks perfect in my blogging program and looks horrible up on the web. Please overlook that as the info  here is of worth to those suffering from being overweight or pre diabetes.

On the morning of 8/7 I weighed in at 194.0 pounds. My blood sugar in the morning was 100. I did not ride the exercise
bike. For breakfast, I had 4 fried eggs, 2 fried fatty pork chops, 1 pork chop that had been cooked in a peppery sauce,
a fried and sliced up zucchini. I did not eat lunch. That night, I had 2 chicken tamales from Alberto’s Mexican Food. Before
I went to bed I had a spoon of peanut butter washed down with about a half a cup of milk.

On the morning of 8/8 I weighed in at 191.6 pounds. I had to weigh myself 3times before I believed it. My blood sugar was 93
and that was after taking a couple of drinks of coffee sweetened with honey. For breakfast I had a carne asada pan fried beefsteak, about half of the beans, 4 eggs fried and a gordito. For dinner, I had a fish taco again from Alberto’s. I did ride the bike for 30 minutes.Below is my my breakfast.


This morning, 8/9, I just weighed in at 190.5 pounds. I have lost 40 pounds since my pre diabetes diagnosis and the
goal is to get down to around 185. I do not feel deprived in my eating nor do I crave sweets. I do not avoid all carbs except
the high fructose corn sweetener and gratuitous sugary ones. I am not a carb nazi as the beans and the masa bread above prove. I have pretty much given up on potatoes and rice though except maybe a bite from time to time. I have found out that
I can eat the steel cut oats but will have to ride the bike soon after finishing to alleviate a blood sugar spike, although the steel
cut oats do spike at a lower level for me at least vs the rolled oats. You just have to eat and test to determine what will work for you.

As Butter Bob Briggs says on Youtube along with Dr.Eric Westman, fat is good for you and is one of the keys to losing weight. That is entirely different from what the medical establishment has preached for decades. It is working for me, that’s all I can tell you.

Here are a couple of videos from the guys mentioned above for you to check out.


Check it out. If you are overweight or are a pre diabetic pay close attention and try at least some of the ideas presented
in the videos. And remember this. Even if you do everything by the book, you could still go up or down a couple of pounds on
any day. It just happens. Try to remember the goal is a long term trend that you are looking for and don’t panic if your weight spikes up out of the blue as most likely it will be gone within a day or two.

And feel free to tell your story in the comments.