Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rumors that APD officers have received driver training are greatly exaggerated.

While it is true that officers patrolling the Disneyland resort district area have received “sensitivity training,”
as it wouldn’t be good for business for them to force tourists to get out of their rental cars and sit on the curb during a routine traffic stop, the rumor that they are “driver trained” may just be that judging by this photo I took the other day which shows the aftermath of an officer encounter.

I have edited the photo for size and to cut out pedestrians walking down the sidewalk.


And another photo cropped to the area.


As you can see, the Anaheim Police Department patrol car has run off Harbor Blvd and rammed into the Clancy’s Restaurant sign, lucky for the patrons inside that the sign was there, as surely the car would have hit the side of the building otherwise without the sign absorbing the force of the impact. Ditto for pedestrians that normally are numerous on the sidewalk there.

Now what could have caused this event to occur? What major criminal activity would cause such obvious
speed to apprehend them, were concerns for innocent lives in danger from criminal activity motivating the officer here?

Notice the young man sitting on the sidewalk with his hands cuffed behind his back. What you cannot see from this photo taken while I was driving is the skateboard sitting on sidewalk on the other side of his right leg.

I guess “skateboarding is not a crime” does not apply in the Anaheim Resort District!

I sure hope that the officer ‘washed the egg off his face” before returning to the station.

And 3 cheers for the valiant sign that gave its’ all to protect its’ customers from the out of control Anaheim Police cruiser!



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