Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quick video thought on Ivanpah SEGS filmed on 9/13/2015

While sitting in the Primm, Nevada Carl’s Jr eating breakfast before starting out
on a busy day of mine site exploration near the Mojave Cross in the Mojave National Preserve; my eyes kept glancing over at the huge scar on the landscape that is the Ivanpah SEGS, Brightsource Energy’s solar project.

A huge swath of once beautiful desert ecosystem now converted into an industrial area, with the soil bladed, compacted and treated with chemicals to prevent any plant life from coming back for the life of the plant.

A development that many environmentalists and enviro groups approved of. In my mind, not trying to stop it meant tacit approval, a view that I pointed out many times right here at this blog. To no avail, of course.

And now, a drive through the area beginning a half mile before the Primm  exit on I-15 heading toward California and continuing all the way almost to the Nipton Road exit showcases on the left, a major photovoltaic solar farm that goes right up to the gas plant almost, and once crossing the stateline, the Brightsource farm now joined on the right by a huge new photovoltaic site now well into its’ development. Oh and did I mention the giant new CHP truck inspection facility with all its’ massive infrastructure including access roads and a new bridge over a wash?

All hail the death of the northern end of the Ivanpah Valley and the new Industrialized Valley that has replaced it. My thoughts are captured in this short video below.

All hail the new “Industrialized Ivanpah Valley!”


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