Thursday, September 24, 2015

This weight loss thing, Part 2

In case anyone is wondering what I was hinting at in my last post, I have decided to
write and sell an ebook about my experience with weight loss and dealing with pre diabetes.
Up in the air is the approach taken, but pricing has been pretty much decided along with
the delivery method.

The book will be sold through Amazon most likely and the price will be $4.99. I guess that I will
have to learn social media to get some exposure, and have to do the promotion and marketing

This book will be about how I used internet research and interaction with medical professionals
to try to get a handle on my condition before it reached the point of no return, and the results obtained.

I have a strong belief that what I did can be done by others as well. By nature, I am pretty lazy and
prone to just going with the flow, but can rise up when needed. The sticking with it part is sometimes
where I fail. So far, that hasn’t happened; in fact, I  love not having to tote around that extra 47 pounds!

Here are 3 stills of me as I was in April or May 2010 from a ABC 7 news story. As you can see, I possibly was an ounce or two overweight at the time of the interview, which was regarding the theft of the Mojave
Cross, covered extensively by me on this blog.




The exercise part is not that hard, nor is the diet part. What is hard is getting the “will to do it” and the
”sticking to it” part, and the “getting off sugar” part. If folks can do that and just follow the path that I lay
out in the ebook(when written) they will see pounds and more importantly for their self esteem,
inches come off. I have went in 5 months from barely squeezing into 38 expandable waist to having extra room in 34 waist pants.

The key to the success of my ebook effort will come if I can convince people that the price of a Starbucks
fancy coffee is worth paying to make the purchase, and that they can do what I did themselves.

I will be going out on early social security next year and a success here generating a little passive income
would be a big plus. I plan on continuing to work up to the limits of the law, about 15.5k$ a year up until
I turn 66, but I don’t believe that applies to writer royalties; I definitely do not want to be driving a bus though
if I can help it.

Anyway, that’s it, that’s the plan.