Thursday, October 15, 2015

Appears that I may be out of the diabetes woods

Went to see my doctor for the 6 month checkup yesterday. We went over the results from the blood work done the week before.

My efforts at diet change, dropping 99% of my sugar consumption, instituting an aerobic exercise regimen along with
taking the drug Metformin seems to have worked.

As of yesterday, I had lost 52 pounds as well as around 7 inches from my waistline.

Here are the numbers that are of most importance to me personally.

A1C(last few months blood sugar average) 5.2   last visit 6  months ago it was 6.3 and led to a pre diabetes diagnosis.

Triglycerides    209           last time it was 367           this is what happens when you flood your body with sugar.

Both the doctor and nurse were amazed and were really interested in how I accomplished this transformation.

I would like to publicly thank my girlfriend, Luisa, who through her efforts assisted me with great meals such as the one in the picture below:

In addition, the dosage was cut on two medications as there is a lot less of me now Winking smile

So the ebook which was complete with the exception of a concluding chapter will now be finished once I have had the time to reflect upon yesterday’s events.


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  1. Regarding the ebook.

    I seem to run hot and cold on the writing part of it. The motivation when it hits me allows me to write nonstop but then demands of work or home matters or just surfing the net, take me away and the motivation doesn't return for days.

    I have had a friend look it over so far and he thinks that it is good. The big question in my mind is will it sell?

    I hope so. It would be nice to dump some of the hours that I spend driving a bus and later to supplement social security as the plan is to go out at 62 and still work part time, but get into something a little less stressful.

    You have no idea how much stress there is when you are stuck in a metal and glass rolling box for 10 minutes with a screaming two or three year old just feet from you.

    Here's to a best seller!