Monday, October 5, 2015

McDonald’s Circle Jerk

Sorry for the offensive title but I have just about had it with McDonald’s.

As some may know, I am in the process of writing an ebook about my weight loss strategies and the process
that I have by trial-and-error come up with which has resulted in a loss of 53 pounds since mid April of this year.

Part of the writing process involves fact checking and that means that sometimes the writer has to call the source
of the information. In my case, it is not so much the facts but more of a question regarding conversion factors. In
particular, which sugar grams to teaspoon conversion equation do they use?

So I figured a quick email to the address listed on their March 2015 revised McDonald’s Nutrition Facts brochure
that I picked up at the drive thru window at a local McDonald’s would yield an answer quickly to my question. Here is
the email address from their own recently printed brochure, photos below.

The cover of the brochure.

The result of my email attempt.

Easy enough to fix with a call to McDonald’s, right?


What ensued was being put on hold at their contact number 1-800-244-6227 and finally being connected
to a representative who told me that they do not have the number available for the nutrition department and that I
could give them the information and they would pass it on via the computer system. Of course, I didn’t believe that
and finally ended up telling her that what if their data showed that a salmonella outbreak might be occurring from data
that they were receiving, couldn’t they just ring up somebody? Nope we put it in the computer. At that point, I
demanded a supervisor. After being on hold several minutes, Alexis came on the line and said the same thing.
I told her that I would call their corporate office then and make sure to pass on her name and the information that I
received from her department.

A Google search basically gave out the same phone number so I did a company search at SEC Edgar for the
phone number and came up with 630-623-3000. In addition, I spent at least 15 minutes going through the corporate website checking the Press and Media section, Investor Relations and others trying to get phone numbers. But there aren’t any
as it is obvious that McDonald’s is interested only in contact via email or web forms.

So I called the number and surprise, surprise got a computer voice which offered options and mine wasn’t listed. But you
could give a name, nutrition I said, and got the New Franchise section which read out a web address to go and hung up
on me.

That was it.  I recognize the run around when I see it. So I have decided to go with my original facts for the ebook, write this
blog post letting all my readers know about it and forward the link to McDonald’s as if they care.

All this because I just want to know a simple formula.


Look about halfway down for Cookies and cream frappe, large 20 ounce. Here is the pertinent data but first
let me say that I used to be a McDonald’s fancy coffee fiend. And my favorite frappe was the large cookies
and cream frappe. Here is the pertinent data from the chart above:

655 grams serving or 20 ounces, 840 calories, 260 fat calories, 29 fat grams, 18 grams saturated fat, 1.5 grams
trans fats, 90 mg cholesterol, 280 mg sodium, 133 total carb grams, 2 grams dietary fiber, 109 grams sugar
and 11 grams of protein.

Here is the best that I can come up with from the web for that sugar content converted into teaspoons
first then ounces. Remember these figures are from the large 20 ounce frappe which is one serving.



The above calculation is from the State of California, the link is here.

Using the above calculators you can see that this frappe has 27.25 teaspoons of sugar, could you imagine adding
27 sugar packets to anything that was in a 20 ounce serving? Now for the ounce total.

According to the conversion factor listed here this drink which is a 20 ounce size has 3.8477 ounces of sugar which
by my calculation is pretty close to 20% of the total.

Obviously if you are diabetic, pre diabetic or just plain old overweight, you should run from one of these type of
beverages from the McCafe. As far as I am concerned you will be providing your own rope for your hanging if you
consume these.

Many thanks to the McDonald’s Corporation for stonewalling me and the rest of their consumers in their efforts
to get information from them regarding their products.

It really was like”pulling teeth” talking to those people.

I am sending the McDonald’s contact email a link to those blog post. Who knows maybe I will finally get to talk to
a real  person, their lawyers!


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