Thursday, October 8, 2015

“Save your public lands!” meeting Tuesday 10/13/2015

There will be an important meeting out at the Whitewater Preserve near Palm Springs on October 13th which is a Tuesday.

The meeting will be chaired by Senator Diane Feinstein, senior senator from California and will have senior members of the Obama administration in attendance.

This is a chance for those of us who favor the desert being saved from industrialization from renewable energy development to speak out for that goal by offering our support for the senator’s efforts to have President Obama sign into law measures that will establish two new desert areas as national monuments. This will save hundreds of thousands of acres of untouched desert from being turned into industrial zones. Needless to say,countless plants and animals will be saved in the process and the vast and beautiful desert wilderness will be left untouched for our heirs to enjoy.

Details can be found here.

Here are a couple of videos from that site that might entice you to come out and attend the meeting. Note that it is not a requirement that you speak at the meeting. I may but that is just me.

Please plan to attend, if possible.
Please plan to attend, if possible.

While you are looking at the page, could you go ahead and sign the petition urging for the creation of these national monuments as well? It would be a real help to Senator Feinstein and her supporters in this effort if you sign on. Just so you know, I have signed the petition and will be at the meeting Tuesday.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Morongobill, Bill McDonald

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