Monday, November 16, 2015

Another “Terrible” casino fiasco courtesy of the Herbst’s

Spent last night at the soon to be renamed Goldstrike Hotel and Casino out at Jean, Nevada
right off the I-15. This property is located about ten miles down the road after you pass over the
California/Nevada border.

Walked into an almost empty casino on the way to the Reservation desk to get a hotel room.

When I say empty, that doesn’t just mean devoid of people. In this “Terrible” casino, it also means
devoid of slot machines and table games as well.

Now I had to wonder, why is that? Talking to a couple of employees and security guards yielded a
few meager clues so I had to go online for a little more information, blindly surfing right into a “Terrible”

It seems that the former owner, the MGM Grand, sold this place to Jett Gaming. Now who and what the Hell
is a Jett Gaming, I wondered.

Jett Gaming is the Herbst family owned casino and slot machine route operator. That explained a lot
to me and the pieces started fitting all nice and neatly into place.

Terrible Herbst is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores that have been around the Las Vegas
area for decades. They are great in the gas station business and “Terrible” in the casino business, at least that is my take on their running of their properties that I have personally visited.

As far as I am concerned, they earned my scathing criticism the “old fashioned way” by running the state line casinos that they bought from Gary Primm, right into the ground. They are finally starting to recovery under the direction from Affinity Gaming, somehow still Herbst involved, but with another hired
gun running the whole shebang.

Too bad is he isn’t running the soon to be renamed Goldstrike.

Getting back to business here at the GS, no more buffet which has now become a Denny’s. Just what the traveling public needs, one more Denny’s turning out McCorporate style Grand Slam breakfasts.

One thing I forgot to mention was what an employee said, the slot machines were taken out for the “free”
car show.

Okay, so hundreds of slot machines which provided vitally needed revenue for the casino and job security for many employees who had to be laid off, since they were no longer needed, have been replaced by a “free” car show. Good thing Herbst and Jett Gaming are privately owned because shareholders wouldn’t see the logic behind this latest “Terrible” move by management.

But there is good news. One of the cars is the original Batmobile!

Here are several car shots from the “free” show that were purposely taken to also show off all that unproductive space that used to hold slot machines and gaming tables.

Having spent many nights here over the last couple of decades, this is truly a depressing set of photographs to me personally. Sorry for the shakiness, I had just got in from a nonstop 26 hour drive solo from west Arkansas during which I took only a 10 or 15 minute snooze once.

Interesting article and comments at this link about the “Terrible” acquisition of the Goldstrike.
Too bad the comments are closed as I would add a few choice words about it as well.