Friday, December 18, 2015

Big news on the blogging software front!

Recently I discovered that I could no longer connect to and post to Blogger with my favorite
blogging software, Windows Live Writer. The server at Google did not recognise the password.
After numerous attempts and some research, I discovered that Google and Microsoft had some
sort of protocol issue that would never be fixed but there was an open source version called Open
Live Writer available that was created by Microsoft volunteers and others in the community to try.

I installed it and got the same issue, and gave up deleting both programs off my computer, resigning
myself to having to post using Blogger’s poor site software.

Imagine my surprize and delight when I got this article in my email box this morning reporting that OLW
is now working and is the same as the Windows Live Writer that I loved!

By the way, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to the My Blogger Tricks site if you are a blogger
or are interested in becoming one, lots of great info there. They sure made my day this morning!

Who knows, maybe the blogging pace will pick up around here now that the e-book is done and on sale
at Amazon. Changing the title though with all the problems that might cause still to come. Also there will be
big news on the e-book front soon!