Thursday, February 18, 2016

New desert monuments created

Just wanted to send out a public thank you to President Obama and Senator Feinstein
for the creation of these 3 new national monuments. I am not going to rehash the details
which are readily available all over the net, nor the history that led to this executive

I prefer to talk about the one that appeals to me the most, the Castle Mountains one.

This will be the first on my visit list. Access can be made one of two ways via dirt roads, unless
you prefer to just hike cross country. You can either come in via Walking Box Road on the Nevada
side of the border or from Hart Mine Road on the California side.

From a reading of the drycyclist’s trip reports, my understanding is that there might be some issues
with the dirt roads coming in once you venture off from Walking Box Road. So the odds are good
that I might decide to come in instead from Hart Mine Road. Either way, once you get to parking areas,
there is still probably at least a 3 mile hike one way to get to the individual monoliths.

That is my goal, to actually hike among those monoliths.

I can’t wait. I have asked for Monday through Friday off, the first week of March. February 29 Monday
through that Friday. Now that is plenty of time to get up there and do that hike, which will be a solo one.

Solo that is unless someone would like to join me. I will be staying at either the Goldstrike in Jean
or one of the hotel casinos in Primm at the state line. Since my girlfriend may be coming we most
likely will be at Primm, her preference. She does not hike btw.

If any of my readers would like to join me, please comment below with your email and I will get back
to you.

William McDonald