Friday, September 23, 2016

Getting cooler, time to car camp in the desert

Summer is almost over so now is a good time to set out for the Mojave.

Now that I have taken early retirement with social security at 62 and have
cut the work time back to weekends only, it leaves 4 days a week for other
things such as viewing sunsets out in the desert or trying to break the video poker machines at one of the casinos.


One thing that is driving me is a desire to get away from the hordes of people in southern California where I live. That is pretty hard to do unless you are willing to drive a ways. No problem there. If you feel the same way, allow me
to introduce you to a couple of car camping(and of course tents are welcome too) spots out there.

First up is at the site of one of Patton’s camps where the soldiers practiced desert warfare, prior to being shipped over to north Africa to face Rommel and his army. You access this area by I-10 east of Indio, just turn off the freeway at the Mecca/ Twenty Nine Palms/ Joshua Tree National Park exit and head north about a half mile or so and turn east(right) at the dirt road, the one past the power line road.

Here are a few photos taken at the site, note the ornamentation around the tree itself. Not pictured is the fire ring, a dead giveaway that you are camping at a site long used for the purpose.

In this next photo, you can see the freeway down the slope. Now you can hear the sounds up at this site
but it is not too intrusive. Much louder was the sound of the desert wind. The moon was very bright as were
all those stars. No cloud cover all night.
And of course, the obligatory pic from inside my hard tent.
Sunset photo.

Services are available just up the freeway about 3 or 4 miles including fuel, food and the
famous George S. Patton Museum.

Next post up will be the car camping near the Mojave Cross.


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