Friday, October 28, 2016

Getting cooler, time to car camp in the desert Pt2

Guess I forgot to post about my car camping visit to the Mojave National Preserve and near the site of
the Mojave Cross.
This area is adjacent to the Cima Dome and is crisscrossed with old dirt roads that are from the mining and ranching days.
Behind Sunset Rock is the looming Kessler Peak and in front is Cima Dome and Teutonia Peak. The area where I was had
a great view of Kessler.
My overnight visit did not include any hiking. Really wanted to just get away from any and all humans. I get that way
sometimes. On my drive in I noticed an older man setup at one of the other car camping spots and waved at him.
This is a rough road which can be taken with a passenger car but I do not think an rv should attempt access. From either direction on Cima Road, access is via the dirt road on the north side of Sunset Rock. Just drive down the dirt road which
will meander through the Joshua Tree forest and pass at least two car camping locations among the rock outcroppings
on your left as you go. One of these sites is suitable for a large group and comes with a fire ring. You will end up with
the road dead ending into another north south running dirt road. Go right to get back to Cima Road or left if you would like to get to the spot that I stayed at.

Sorry for the poor quality as I took my cell phone only for this trip.Above is the fire ring for the campsite that I stayed at. Someone was kind enough to leave their trash in it.
I did not light a fire as there was a whole lot of wind and plenty of tinder to burn around me.
Told you there was a nice view of Kessler Peak! This was taken the next morning and you can see the ominous clouds building up.Below are a couple of photos around sunsetting time. By the wind, the wind kept going all night long here.

The view at sunup below of the area.

Sunrise Rock area the next morning as I headed back home.

All photos taken by me, William C Mcdonald, and are free for use with proper credit given. Taken 2016.

I really don’t have much in the way of camping gear but at least I did pick up a Thermarest pad which
really is an improvement.Unfortunately I had not bought it when this overnighter took place. I did use it later on my next camping trip which was back to the area off I-10 at Cottonwood Springs Road as mentioned in Part One of this series.
The more I do this, the more I like it. But I have gotten a little older and do not relish the idea of sleeping in a tent, on
the ground or a cot. So some sort of camper is definitely in my future.