Friday, December 16, 2016

Perfect ending for a perfect day!

Said tongue in cheek, of course.

This will be a personal post in some ways, some might call it a rant.

First, a little background info.

About 4 or 5 days ago, my HTC One M9 cellphone quit charging. The mini usb port quit
working. Since I was out of warranty, having had it for a year and a few months, I looked into
having it repaired. I contacted HTC and was told it would cost anywhere from 100 to 250 dollars.

So I went to Sprint and decided to try another phone brand, LG and went with their new V 20.
This was a huge phone and its claim to fame was its music playing sound system. I got it along
with an Otter Defender case but had to turn it back in a couple days later due to its annoying
random rebooting events and knack for apps turning themselves on without my help.

So I went with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but without the Otter Defender case, as they, Sprint and Amazon don’t have any in stock. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get any insurance. You guessed it, today getting out of the Morongomobile, I dropped it on the pavement. I had it in my lap and forgot it before getting out of the vehicle.

You guessed it, it’s not a pretty phone anymore and will cost anywhere from 200-379$ to repair, on top
of the 792$ that I am contracted to pay Sprint over the next 24 months at $32.

It evidently landed on the pavement hitting the bottom right corner, landing face down.

This event led to a truly epic rant in the privacy of my bedroom which I am quite sure my
hard of hearing girlfriend could clearly make out in the living room.

Anyway, enough of that. Earlier I had gotten the news that at age 62, if I wanted dentures, it would
be around 10k and if I went along with the prosthodontist, getting around 6 implant teeth and  other work done which would a year and a half, it would be 20k. My dental insurance will only cover 3k.

So now you have the background, on to the perfect ending. Hint, I just walked off my job tonight after
4 years there.

I am a semi-retired shuttle bus driver. It is not a bad gig for somebody transitioning into full retirement.
Tonight when I got there, I was told I was being sent in for a random drug test, also known  as peeing in
a bottle. I was given two pieces of paper to take. I looked at the top one and rode down to the lab, four miles in bumper-to-bumper traffic at rush hour, I had to go before I left the yard but figured it would just be a quick drive. I got down there and the place was closed, I should have went to place on the other paper.

Okay, in more traffic, I drove the 6 miles to the other. All in all, I got there an hour after I left the bus yard.
No one was at the counter and I waited there for 5-8 minutes before the dude came out. I said how long would it take as I needed to go. He was taking his time, said I needed to check in, I told him that I was an old man and couldn’t wait. At that point, I could care less and took the papers back and  ripped them up in front of him and walked out. A McDonalds was right next door so I did my business there and left, dropping
off the office key and my one paragraph resignation at the office before heading home.

A drug test is serious business in the transportation business and in effect, legally it could be argued that my actions constituted a refusal. But I didn’t care about that, I felt then and now, that I was up to my throat with stress and problems, and made an on the spot decision to quit forthwith which I did. It was just the icing on the crap cake I had been eating all day, and I had had my fill.

So there you have it, another, for the moment, unemployed blogger story.

Sorry to lay it on you, but it does make me feel better telling someone about it.

A  perfect ending to a perfect day.

I was getting sick of bus driving anyway.


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