Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Overnighter at the Mojave National Preserve in my Kamprite tent cot

First, here are three videos with the last showing the tent cot fully setup.

Shaky video warning!

Nice Joshua Tree forest. Impressive rock pile behind me(not in video)

It really is big!

Link to the campsite location on Google Maps. See satellite image.

Here is a cropped satellite photo of the campsite. Note the fire ring off to one side and the
place to pull a truck camper in. Note: I do not recommend trying to bring a rv in on the dirt road
that leads to the site. Rv’s camp all the time by the Mojave Cross, lots of parking there. By the
way, the white mass is big rocks and slabs.


Guess I picked a good time to take this trip. The same area will be in the low 90’s
the next two or three days. Saturday night, it got down to 45 degrees F, I got pretty cold.
I was expecting temps in the low to mid 50’s and left the four windows open. Only the no-see-um
bug screens were closed.


This thing is a big bulky bear and weighs about thirty pounds or so. To set it up, you need
to turn it on its’ side. It comes with good instructions on the setup, not so good on how to keep the
windows rolled up and out of the way. Mine stuck trying to open all the way on one end and only
a string of loud expletives got it to open up finally. The tent part was easy to handle and more
intuitive. Don’t even think about using this monster on a backpack trip. This is for car camping, used
outside of the vehicle.

Sleep quality was better than expected, the unit has a pad built in and I also had my Thermarest. You
will not feel cramped in and leaving the windows open makes it seem even larger. I am a side sleeper
and had a whole lot of room. I highly recommend this to anyone!


Not sure how many more times I will use this over the next few months as the weather is really about to go
into full blown “blast oven” mode. This may be the last time until fall rolls around. But at least I did get to finally
try it out.



Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trying out my new tentcot tonight for the first time!

The plan is to make an overnight camping stop at the Cima Dome area inside the Mojave
National Preserve. It is about 200 miles from me so a good 4 hour drive up and back, I am not
going to stress the Morongomobile in the first day of the heatwave coming. Highs expected today
are 95 at Kelso, 96 at Baker which is the home of the World’s Tallest Thermometer and only 81
at Cima!

The dangers to my car are climbing the Cajon Pass and the 18 mile grade up from Baker to reach
the Cima Road exit. Odds are after climbing the Cajon Pass, I will choose to take I 40 and exit Kelbaker
Road and reach Cima from the other side, swapping the major Baker grade for an easier and more scenic one from Kelso Depot up to Cima.

Some of you are aware that I quit the bus driving business and ended up transporting autos for a living,
supplementing my social security. The problem is that after driving or being a passenger for 200 miles or so,
I am just too tired to come home and immediately pack up and leave to drive another 100+ miles. It would
be nice to have a two day camping trip but it just isn’t possible for a while.

I really don’t have any cooking gear so the plan will be fast food and other junk for a day. But I will finally get
the chance to test out my KampRite oversized tentcot. With my thermarest pad inside it should hopefully be
well worth the money spent.

Here is a video of a guy using one out in the Canadian wilds that is well worth a viewing! I watched it two times
and so did my brother. Now this is just too big and bulky for anything but car camping, so if you are mainly a backpacker,|
I wouldn’t rush out to buy one.

No dogs in my tentcot!

I will put up a post of the trip within a couple of days so see you when you come back.



Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Troll? Moi?

Imagine my surprise when I was visiting another blog that I had added to my favorites long ago
and found this statement which will be linked to the site.
Seriously, Trump & his supporters (envision the prolific, arrogantly ignorant, deplorable scumbag internet trolls Morongobill and S Brennan who will support Heir Trump all the way to Armageddon) are North Korea and if this psychotic onslaught of hypocritical contradictions they’re engaged in continues unabated, and I don’t really see any True Resistance to it on the horizon (The Democrats are a Sick Joke), then America soon enough will be North Korea too and never know it.

Click on the link to view the statement in context.

Look, as one who leans liberal, it must be a big surprise to learn that I voted for the Donald. My reason was mainly
that I felt, and still do, that he was the “anti-war” candidate. Having said that, I am disappointed that he seems to be
going along with the Neocons a little bit, 59 cruise missiles fired after an obvious false flag “Sarin gas” attack, the prime
example, along with this North Korea business as well.

Commenting on a political blog does carry some risks though when you manage to tick off somebody, as the link
above so clearly proves. In the spirit of full disclosure, I recently pointed out to someone online that his blanket statement that all US vets are war criminals or complicit in war crimes should be said that very night to a vet’s face in a bar that vets hang out in- that the free speech might result in him picking up his teeth off the floor- but this happened just a couple weeks ago, after the blog post above was published.

So that isn’t why this Cole N Holefield is ticked off at me. One of the blogs I have commented on is Bernhard’s great blog entitled Moon of Alabama. This Cole N Holefield used to post comments there and evidently was banned. I say that because he hasn’t been posting there in quite some time. I enjoyed reading his comments and that is where I heard about his blog. He may have posted on other blogs using that pseudonym as well.

I will simply say that I was surprised at the vehemence of some of his commentary of the post mentioned above. I am not referring to what he wrote about me, be clear on that.


P.S. Here is a pic of me just in case anyone wants to know what a purported “troll” looks like.

Oops, wrong picture.

Just look at the comment section at the end of the linked blogpost. That’s the real me.