Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Overnighter at the Mojave National Preserve in my Kamprite tent cot

First, here are three videos with the last showing the tent cot fully setup.

Shaky video warning!

Nice Joshua Tree forest. Impressive rock pile behind me(not in video)

It really is big!

Link to the campsite location on Google Maps. See satellite image.

Here is a cropped satellite photo of the campsite. Note the fire ring off to one side and the
place to pull a truck camper in. Note: I do not recommend trying to bring a rv in on the dirt road
that leads to the site. Rv’s camp all the time by the Mojave Cross, lots of parking there. By the
way, the white mass is big rocks and slabs.


Guess I picked a good time to take this trip. The same area will be in the low 90’s
the next two or three days. Saturday night, it got down to 45 degrees F, I got pretty cold.
I was expecting temps in the low to mid 50’s and left the four windows open. Only the no-see-um
bug screens were closed.


This thing is a big bulky bear and weighs about thirty pounds or so. To set it up, you need
to turn it on its’ side. It comes with good instructions on the setup, not so good on how to keep the
windows rolled up and out of the way. Mine stuck trying to open all the way on one end and only
a string of loud expletives got it to open up finally. The tent part was easy to handle and more
intuitive. Don’t even think about using this monster on a backpack trip. This is for car camping, used
outside of the vehicle.

Sleep quality was better than expected, the unit has a pad built in and I also had my Thermarest. You
will not feel cramped in and leaving the windows open makes it seem even larger. I am a side sleeper
and had a whole lot of room. I highly recommend this to anyone!


Not sure how many more times I will use this over the next few months as the weather is really about to go
into full blown “blast oven” mode. This may be the last time until fall rolls around. But at least I did get to finally
try it out.



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