Saturday, March 10, 2018

First video editing attempt of a recent hike, plus 4 videos from channels that I follow

I believe that I have written here about a few outdoorsy time Youtube channels that I follow. These individuals put out interesting quality videos that make you want to drop what you are doing and head out to the woods, or the desert in my case. They all put a lot of time into their video productions, from video setup to editing. From my one video attempt, I finally understand just how time consuming it is.

Here are four videos from the main channels I follow, which showcase each person's style and methods. Relax, each will be under 10 minutes and you will enjoy watching them, I believe. More information will be available at their channels, if you would like to subscribe or just want more information.

First up is a video from Erik Normark who lives in Sweden. I am one of his patrons at Patreon.

Next is a video from Primal Outdoors. Jason Darrah primarily films in his home state, Oregon.

Here is another channel set in Scandinavia, in this case, Norway. I recently subscribed to this one.

Last up is Ken Kramme, a master naturalist in Texas and a superb videographer. This is a 7 year old video and one of his first on the channel. This was the first video of his that I watched. Absolutely fantastic video.

Now here is my video from a hike a few days ago. This is kindergarten grade compared to the films above- I know my limitations but hope you will watch it anyway! Unfortunately I forgot my new lapel microphone for use with my cell, and there is no way to get rid of the wind noise  when I filmed with my Nikon ultrazoom. My apologies.